Friday, February 24, 2006

yeah. mm hmm.

Last weekend, I took six DFCC students with me up to Sierra Christian Service Camp in Posey, CA (population: 107) for a winter camp hosted by Christ's Church of the Valley in Bakersfield (asian population: 3). The students I took with me were some of the ones who helped film the videos that were shown each day at the camp. It was one of the best weekends ever...even despite a sprained ankle, and a six-hour round trip to the urgent care office. (And come to think of it, that was actually pretty fun too).

Since about November when we were invited to come along, I had been thinking of this camp as just sort of a camp that we were gonna tag along to; just hang in the background and watch somebody else's camp take place. I guess I figured that we were just going to camp with them because we made the videos that they were gonna show. But the first day we got there, it was clear to me that God had a different idea. It turns out, I don't think we went to camp because we made movies. I think we were invited to make movies because God wanted us to be at that camp. All the kids made friends quickly (and then all added each other on myspace within like fifteen minutes of getting home), every one of us just got tossed into the action. I was leading a d-group of girls I didn't know, which turned out to be awesome! (I added them on my myspace too :-)) Jonathan Kertes won the medieval times tournament at Saturday's dinner, which Loaf also competed in. Jonathan also wrote an essay during one of the "challenges" that brought the old guy in charge to tears (literally)....(not because it was bad was good.) Monica and I won the costume contest. we got prizes. Gudy's name got shortened to Goo by all the girls who maybe didn't realize he had a girlfriend (or maybe they did and just didn't care...i don't know). Trevor really made a connection with his d-group leader, Chris. I was really grateful for that. These guys don't really connect very much with older guys. probably because there aren't too many of those around DFCC on wednesday nights. Tommy encouraged some jr. high boys to jump up and down with everything they had in them during worship. It was really awesome. God did a lot of good things in all our hearts. I don't know if winter camp this weekend will come close. I'm looking forward to it anyway. I'm also looking forward to doing more events with CCV in the future. This is what it's all about. Networking with other people in other churches, and building up relationships with other Christians all over the place.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

I think a road trip would be fun that time of year.

Professional Bull Riding is rad. Man, those guys are pretty amazing! You know who is really amazing? The bull fighters. The guys whose job it is to get between the bull rider and the bull once the ride is over. That takes guts. I'm definitely going again next time I have the opportunity. Curt was there, I saw him. He had much better seats than I did. That's alright. How much do you suppose tickets to the PBR world finals will cost? Anyone want to go to Vegas in Oct./Nov.?

Friday, February 10, 2006

i was being really careful not to mess up the polish too. i don't understand what happened.

i've been home from work for three hours and i just noticed the dried ketchup all over my arm. is that sick or what? that's the perfect end to the perfect day. i don't think anything went right today. it was just one of those days. i was awakened (sort of) half an hour before my alarm was set to go off by a phone call from one of my co-workers begging me to take her shift tonight. she told me the whole story about how she went to wherever last night and ordered the whatever that made her wake up in the middle of the night throwing up and how she's feeling so awful and no one will cover her shift. how could i say no? so i agreed (because i was partly still asleep) and then couldn't go back to sleep because mom kept coming in my room asking questions about my school i lost half an hour of sleep (which is a HUGE loss for me...for any morrison, really)...and i picked up a shift i didn't want. i finally get a second to sleep when mom left for work, and my alarm goes off, so i hop in the shower, where much of my pretty nail polish (including the tiny jewel glued on my left ring fingernail) that was done only the night before flakes off. i don't know why it would do that. it's not like i was scrubbing my hands with anything abrasive, you know? just soap and water. this disappoints me a lot, actually. and so i think, "you know what could make me feel better? a breakfast burrito" i get to the tortillas. "oh well," i think, "better leave for school now anyway...can't be late for directing class." i get in my car and half way down suva, the gas light blinks on. so i go get gas, and make it to class 15 minutes after she's started the discussion. and, something between my bedroom and Smith 101 at Vanguard has caused me to have an allergic reaction, so my nose, by this time, is running uncontrollably, and my eyes are all itchy and puffed up. and i couldn't get up and walk out of the classroom to get some kleenex, because she had already given me one of those looks when i walked in the room late. so i just kept sniffling. i went to my CAD class, where i couldn't attatch the file containing my homework that was due to the e-mail to send to my prof....and the tiny jewel on my right ring finger came off in there. i drove to warren after that, where three girls were prepared to swim. so i ran practice for three girls. that was the point at which the uncontrollable sneezing began. that was fun. then i watched a bit of the girls' polo game at downey. then i drove to work where i made, count it, 36 dollars. and then i got ketchup all over my arm without noticing.

thanks for reading. i hope tomorrow is a better day. i think it will be, 'cause i'm going to the PBR. i have brand new boots and a brand new belt, complete with belt buckle. Charlie let me go through his buckle collection to borrow one for tomorrow, and the one i picked, he said i could keep. that was pretty nice.

i'm starting to feel a little dizzy...i think the benadryl is kicking in. i'd better go put my laundry in the dryer and then get back to bed before i pass out somewhere.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Go Steelers

i sort of pulled an all-nighter tonight, to prepare a presentation that i am giving tomorrow morning in my Theory and Criticism class. the presentation is on St. Augustine and his books On Christian Doctrine. i am amazed. i'm finished already, and it's only a little after 4 in the morning. usually, in situations like these, i am still awake working at the computer when my dad gets up for work...and still awake working when my mom gets up later for work. but it looks like i will get a couple hours of sleep tonight. i didn't even need to put my trusty all-nighter sidekick in the dvd player to keep me company while i worked. and i have to say, while i do enjoy spending time with mr. darcy and elizabeth bennett, it's nice to be able to just get through the stuff i needed to write and then climb into bed. and here's the bonus...this is the second to last presentation i will ever have to give as an undergraduate student. it's nice to have it out of the way so early in the semester!