Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Star Wars!!!

I've been back in the movie making business the last couple weeks. High school winter camp is coming up pretty soon (Feb. 23-25) and this year's theme is Star Wars. And, of course, what is a Star Wars-themed camp without Scott Martin playing the role of a Jedi Master? You're's nothing. That's why we dressed Scott Martin up as a Jedi Master and threw a padawan costume on Kenny this past Monday and did a little filming. (Yes, that is Richard Holt: director, cinematographer, editor extraordinaire there on the left). Michele, Rich and I drove down to Huntington Beach in the morning and we met up with Scott, Kenny and Jeff from 1st Christian HB to record some video. We had a great time filming, even though it was definitely a long day.

Scott and Kenny did a great job as two jedi in training, and even at the end of a long day everyone was still in a good mood, having fun. And as a result of getting together with Scott, Kenny and Jeff from HB, the laughs ensued.

But I have to say, my three favorite things of the day were: Mike Ferrulli in a dress and turban, Jeff Dennis in a furry wookie skirt and me, at the last minute, being promoted from costume/props mistress to Sith Lord (I don't have any Sith pictures just yet). good times.