Thursday, September 29, 2011

I mean really...the pizza was truly incredible.


I promise I did not just insult anyone or say anything inappropriate.

Ismael and I went celebrate our very first anniversary! Yes, that's year ago on Sunday we stood up in front of friends and family in Shafter, California, and I, Amy, took him, Ismael, to be my wife. And then after lots of laughs, took him to be my husband. It was a super fun day.

And so, to celebrate one year of good times...or whatever...we went to Cuenca! IT WAS AWESOME! I love Cuenca. Love it!

Here it is on the map. Not too far away from where we live. It was about a four-hour motion-sickness-inducing bus ride through super-high mountains. And the city was so cool! I was excited to see the Incan ruins outside the city, but there was just too much neat stuff to see inside the city and not enough time...

We got there Thursday night, ordered some delicious hamburgers to our room, watched some television and delighted in the HOT WATER!!! I miss hot water...

Friday morning we enjoyed the free buffet breakfast at the hotel and then took a bus tour of the city. It was really neat! It was one of those busses with seats on top, which we sat in.

It took us all through the city and showed us all the historic sights and the cathedrals and the river and it was beautiful!!

We went allllll the way up the road outside of town and ended up at a little lookout point looking over the whole city. It was very cool.

After the tour we enjoyed some mexican food, which was not as good as the enchiladas at the Happy Donkey, but it was still delicious...And then in the evening we took a walk through the city. The lights on the cathedrals were so beautiful that we decided we needed to take another walk the next night after the camera battery was charged again.

So we did...Saturday night we went out for pizza which was INCREDIBLE!!! Then we took a loooong walk in the drizzle and took pictures of almost all the cathedrals in the city.

We stopped in the Calderon Park where we saw a horse and carriage parked on the street and asked the driver how much for a carriage ride. $2 per person is a great deal, so we took it!!

It was super fun! Then Sunday morning we took a walk by the river and visited a museum that had lots of old stuff in it and saw a little tiny Incan ruin, and then came back to El Recreo...completely against my will. I would have stayed in Cuenca forever!

love, love, love!

Next time we'll go see the big ruins outside the city :-). Happy Anniversary to us!


Blogger Unknown said...

Congrats Cuz... & Cuz-in-Law!!! You know, I hear Shafter is beautiful this time of year.

Nothing is better than the Happy Donkey, so to try to compare to it is just plain foolish.

12:08 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

That last one is me.... Curt... your cousin. :0)

12:09 PM  
Blogger Cory said...

Congrats, guys! And awesome pictures! Pretty sweet shot of the cathedral. How often do you get to see a cathedral?

8:40 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

there are cathedrals all over in the big city, but not really near here. maybe once every couple months I venture out and get to see cool stuff like that.

3:50 PM  

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