Friday, June 18, 2010

Almost time to come home...

Well things have been crazy here the last couple of months. We are so lucky, you and I, my American friends. You know, if you have a passport that says United States of America on it, you can go almost anywhere you want—no questions asked—with a smile and an “enjoy your stay.” It’s just not like that for everybody else. Ismael and I are working on month #5 of the K-1 fiancé visa petition process (in order for him to be able to attend our wedding in September) and it hasn’t been simple. They really don’t make it easy to get in to our country legally and I can begin to understand the desperation that might cause someone to think taking their chances at getting in illegally is the better option. Not that I’m saying I think that’s an acceptable way of doing things...I just can understand why someone would.

This week we will be able to call the American consulate for an interview, (after five months of filling out forms and forms and more forms, gathering evidences of a legitimate relationship, getting police reports and medical exams and birth certificates, and a lot of waiting), they’ll give us an interview date and time which will hopefully be sooner rather than later, and then at the end of the interview we will have a decision (I think). We may quite possibly finally be in the last steps of this application process and would greatly appreciate any prayers offered up on our behalf for patience, for peace…and for a visa, obviously.

Once we have that visa, then comes the fun part—the travel plans, the packing, the excitement, the travel, and the arrival at LAX in the middle of the night some night during the last week of July! It’s coming up so quickly and we are both so excited!!

Please keep us in your prayers!

On a less stressful note, we went bowling the other day with our friends, Manuel and Gabriel. It was super fun! Ismael seemed really interested in the bumpers that some of the other bowlers were using in other lanes.

Hey, did any of you know that Jesus was a bowler? It was news to me.