Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm in Missouri, self-evaluating.

Because that's all there is to do in Missouri.

Ok, I know I really should post about my experience in Ecuador and my future plans and all that...and I promise, that's coming. But I'm still a little traumatized by that trip and its abrupt end...well, really just the abrupt end part...not the trip itself. So I'm going to stall a little bit more with a post that doesn't really say a whole lot....

or does it???

What you are about to see really happened. And not as a joke. This, my friends, is cowboy church:

Friday, October 10, 2008

Where was YOUR car three years ago?

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AmyInAnaheim: OMG, I SEE MY CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AmyInAnaheim: you know how these satellite photos are super old?
AmyInAnaheim: my car is in the ruby's parking lot in fullerton on the google map
padfoot240: hahahahahaha
padfoot240: thas yo car!
padfoot240: and I believe that is the first time I have ever seen you use OMG on aim
AmyInAnaheim: it was an omg moment
padfoot240: lol
padfoot240: which ones is yours?
AmyInAnaheim: ok, let me see if i can explain this...
AmyInAnaheim: in the bottom left corner is the fullerton metro center label, yes?
padfoot240: yes

*on the larger map the metro center label shows up...but not on the tiny map that showed up on my blog. just start from the bottom left corner of the map...that's where the building is.

AmyInAnaheim: to the right of that building there is the "street" running through the parking lot
padfoot240: mmmhmm
AmyInAnaheim: on that street, just after the speed bump, there is a white car
padfoot240: yes
AmyInAnaheim: in the row directly to the right of that white car, there is another white car, five cars in, either pulling into or pulling out of the space
AmyInAnaheim: my car is the ninth car into that row, four cars after the white one pulling out of that space, just before the bright blue truck
AmyInAnaheim: do you see it??
padfoot240: OMG, I SEE YOUR CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
padfoot240: that's so cool
AmyInAnaheim: I know, right!?!?!