Saturday, January 27, 2007

happy birthday, Curt (on thursday)

Well, my swords came in, and they are even prettier in my room than they are in that picture. Plus, my brother and sister-in-law gave to me for my birthday a sweet sword that is a replica of Tokugawa Ieyasu (founder and first shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate of Japan)'s sword. It is awesome! The Tokugawa Era happens to be the one that I researched for my directing project last year at Vanguard, when I placed Oedipus Rex in a fictional samurai village in 17th century Japan. Anyway, I became pretty attached to that time period in the samurai culture, so thanks, Kevin and Jill for the rad sword and for paying attention to and encouraging the weird things that I really enjoy.

On a different topic, I would just like to share a couple big pet peeves of mine. The first is this: when I complain about something and then whoever I'm venting to replies with, "That's ok because (insert their complaint here)." Example:

Me: Man, I can't believe this guy at table 61. He is the biggest jerk alive. He was really mad when I went to check on their table and he tried to tell me that they didn't put any ranch dressing in his BBQ ranch chicken salad, and when I started to explain to him that it's actually a BBQ-ranch mixture that they put in there, he just snapped and said, "Just bring me some ranch!" I'm so mad!

Other Person: That's ok, because this old man at my table 38 got upset because I brought out an extra glass so he could split his shake with his kid and I didn't split the shake up into two glasses for him.

Ok, I understand that you're frustrated with your own table, but please tell me, how does you having a complaint as well make my situation ok? Seriously? Is it because you're better than me? Well, you're not. So, next time, maybe just try a, "man, that sucks...I'm sorry." But if you start your sentence with, "that's ok because..." you might get a punch in the throat.

Secondly, I cannot stand it, absolutely cannot stand it, when people do not respond to the question I am asking, but skip right on over it to whatever stupid thing they have to say. It's just rude. And I hate it. Example:

Me: How's everybody doing over here? Everything tasting great so far?

Jerk: I need another diet coke.

Well, that's not what I asked you, is it? Just answer my stupid question before you tell me what else you need. "My burger tastes great, Amy. Oh hey, could I get another soda?" "Sure! I'd be glad to bring you another soda! I'll be right back." It's not that hard. It's really easy, actually. And you know what, here's the's not the fact that you need something and I have to go get it that's the problem. See, that's my job. And if you have to ask for another soda, I'm not really doing my job very well. So that's my bad...but still, just answer my question. I mean, it wouldn't bother me if the guy said, "Wow, you know everything would be tasting a lot better if you were doing your job and had brought me another soda already." Touché! That's great! At least you'd be answering my question.

Friday, January 05, 2007

highs and lows

boy, i really dropped the ball on that last post, didn't i? well my first sad excuse is that i do not have internet access in my home. so i have fewer opportunities to post these days. my second sad excuse is that i am lazy. i always have been. i most likely always will be. and i'm not ashamed of that.

anyway...i have not finished any of the books from my previous post that i said i had started or was going to be starting soon. the kentucky cycle never showed up, even though i paid for it, and that frustrates me so much that i don't even know where to start fixing the problem.

so, basically, life is full of highs and lows.

but even when there are lows (like giving up on all that beautiful reading), there are still some highs mixed in there. like all the weapons i've purchased in the last month. i bought a daisho set that looks like this.

it includes a katana (the long sword), a wakizashi (the medium one) and a tanto (the cute little guy). it's so pretty. it should arrive in about 2 weeks. i also bought a wooden katana for practice. i just feel like i have been running away from my samurai heritage for so's time to rediscover my roots. you know?

plus, i've decided to go ahead with plans i made last year to continue taking stage combat courses. the goal is to reach a certain level of certification so that i would be qualified to teach stage combat and/or coordinate fight scenes for stage productions. i just love safe fighting! and it's a good workout.

so besides all the weapon-related highs lately, the MAJOR highs have been coming from my job at ruby's. i told you last time about the new-found freedom i have been made aware of since my return from Peru. what i didn't tell you was that in the last two months i have had multiple opportunities to talk outside of work with a few different co-workers about Christ. it has been amazing. i have never felt more purpose-filled. and the best so far was last night when Javier and i went across the street to starbucks after work and talked for an hour over coffee. "morrison, what does the bible say about this? what does the bible say about that?" it was so cool! he ended up expressing an interest in reading it for himself, and in no way was it a coincidence that i had a spanish bible in my car last night. i lent it to him and suggested that he start reading in the gospel of San Juan so that he could read about the life of Jesus and the things he taught, which are the foundation of our faith. i hope he does read. and i hope he finds truth and hope and life there. and i hope someday you will see him walking in to church with his family for the spanish service as you are walking out of the english service.