Monday, June 26, 2006

Back In November Blarg Friends

Well, most of the preparations have been made...all I need now is to buy a tiny pillow and figure out how to fit it in my bag. We are leaving for Ecuador Wednesday night/Thursday morning and I am really excited. I am excited to spend a couple weeks with the group that's going from our church, and I am excited to meet the new people that have begun to attend the church in El Recreo over the last year, and I am really excited to see old friends again. I can't believe a year has gone by since I was there last. It really does seem like yesterday.

Last night was my last shift at Ruby's for a while. They let me take a leave of absence until November. It was kind of a sad night. Turns out, I kinda like that place and (most of) the people in it.

Well, I've been doing a lot of stressing out over it and I think it's time to share with you my biggest concern. Soon, I will be gone to Peru for three months. I'm not sure exactly how often the internet will be accessible. Yes, the home in which I will be staying is equipped for internet use, but I do not know what kind of "free time" I'm looking at...which brings me to this: Will I be moved to the Dead Blarg Friends section? Or deleted completely? This question has been causing a lot of worry and fear. I hope you will all have compassion on my poor blog. Maybe if you have to move it, you could move it to the Temporarily Out Of Commission Blarg Friends category...or the Might Be Updated, Might Not...Take A Gamble And Click The Link Blarg Friends list. In any case...know that it will not be by choice if I do not update. I will try my best. (Trying Their Best Blarg Friends).

I will miss you all while I'm in Ecuador. Be seeing you in a couple weeks.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

random picture post!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!

"Make sure to recycle this bag. But make sure you don't put this bag on your head. And definitely don't put this bag on your baby's head."

"Dougie, Garet...take Amy out back and show her the new pet"

"Are you comfortable, Poo?"

I thought that if you put two Eagles this close to each other, the combined energy and power would cause both of them to implode. But I guess I was wrong. Congratulations, Peterson.

My best friend got married last month. It was beautiful. Congratulations, Tara!

"Hey dad, take a picture with me."

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Or am I a lot retarded?

Well, I did pretty decently at the room-cleaning-out. There's definitely still more to do (I haven't looked under my bed yet) but I made a dent. The cupboards above my closet are almost empty, and I can actually open the doors of my closet without worrying about getting trapped under a pile of fallen clothes/shoes/purses/blankets/belts/hats/etc. Thank you for all the helpful suggestions.

So as I was walking to church this morning with Sarah she began telling me about the pilates (?) video she's been exercising to and I thought to myself, "man, I wish I could get motivated to do that every day or every other day or whatever. And of course that thought led to this one: "It's too bad that I don't even exercise that much, but I have more motivation to do that than I have to study my Bible...what's the deal?" So my question is, do you think anyone would buy a workout/devotional video? An exercise dvd, or series of dvds that leads you through a series of devotions or a book of the bible or whatever. What do you think about that? I think that I would invest in something like that. I mean I know that just having the video wouldn't magically endow me with the discipline to do it consistently...but at least I would only have to muster up the motivation to do one thing instead of two separate things. Am I a little retarded?