Thursday, December 29, 2005

presents, books, and condom chapel

my Christmas was great. the family came over all day after church and we opened presents and had a really good dinner. layton really got into the Christmas spirit this year. i think he is beginning to understand what it's all about...

"who's that present for, layton?"

"it's for me!"

" one says it's for grandpa. go give it to grandpa and pick another one from under the tree."

"another one for meeee?!"

good times. i've been pretty lazy this week. sleeping in late, staying up late. i can't remember the last time i read so much! i finished The Davinci Code before Christmas and started on Angels and Demons, but i had to put that one down so i could wrap it up to give to my brother. i borrowed Map of Bones from Curt and finished that one in a couple days. it was really good. Kevin was right though about Dan Brown being a big tease with his page-long chapters, making every other author who writes more in one chapter seem like a big fat jerk. but i got over it quick. it was a good book. i've finished the first two in the Narnia series and i'm half way through The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. (i read those at night before i go to sleep). yesterday i read Girl With a Pearl Earring, which was great, maybe because i had already seen the movie with colin firth and i kept picturing him...and today, the book of the day is Memoirs of a Geisha. that's a lot of reading.

HEY! i passed all my classes in the fall! and not just barely passed either...we're talking C's! haha. 4 A's, 1 C and a C+ in the loathed science class. let's hope i can continue the passing through one more semester.

oh yeah, and here's a good one. my school, The Condom School, has put me on disciplinary probation for the spring know why? because i didn't attend their stupid chapel during the fall. whatever. so now i have to fulfill my chapel attendance requirement for the spring semester, and make up all the chapels that i missed in the fall. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! wish me luck!

(can they really not let me graduate if i don't go to chapel?)

Monday, December 19, 2005

thanks everybody

well, here's what: i think it's really neat that all of you post things on your blogs that make me laugh and think and learn. and i like that you all have a sense of humor and that we can all pick on each other a little, and take a joke. and i knew that i was taking the risk of being mocked when i posted something so personal. but there was no mocking (except a little bit involving ryan kile, but that was pretty well-deserved and totally fair) and there was only support and friendship and a Go Ducks, which is more encouraging than one might think, by the way. so just wanted to say thanks everybody for what you said, and let you know that everything is working out just fine with leo, it was just a misunderstanding like you said. and i am excited to share that i am moving forward with making plans to visit in the summer. sandra asked me to come prepared with a project that their theater ministry could work on together, and use during their evangelistic campaigns in the summer. so that will be great, and i've already begun to talk with Manuel about what kind of project will work well. we'll see what happens next. let the sarcasm, mocking, and picking-on re-commence!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

i could have gotten better grades this semester if i hadn't been trying to learn spanish.

how's this for a load of (insert appropriate foul language here)? i've spent five months writing to a guy in ecuador. i like this guy. a lot. i want to go back and spend more time there, working with their drama group, working with the youth, especially with the girls. and obvously, getting to know Leo better. how much can i really learn about him through e-mails and text messages anyway? i wrote to Sandra last week. she is Marcelo's wife, they are missionaries from Chile who planted this church in ecuador. i wrote to her to say, "hey, i've been thinking i'd really like to come back in the summer and spend time there, and yes, a significant part of this desire comes from wanting to get to know this guy better in person, but i wouldn't want to come to ecuador just to go on a few dates with someone. i would love to help with the theater in the church if i can, i feel really passionate for that ministry." i thought it would be better to be up front with that. she writes back saying basically, "we would love to have you. it would be good for Manuel if you worked with him on the theater ministry. but we would only be ok with this if you are just friends with Leo. Marcelo has talked with him about this and he knows that." he has? interesting. so i write to Leo and say, "hey, this is what Sandra told me. why didn't you say anything about that before?" and the letter i get tonight says, "no, Marcelo never said anything like that, but if that's how you think it should be, then fine. i understand. goodbye friend."

am i overreacting by being a little hurt by this? or did i really just get an indirect "let's just be friends" five months later?

i feel like i'm going to throw up.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

i think i'm over the whole doober thing by now

well, it's just after midnight and i really should be studying for my Christian heritage final tomorrow. but i am not. like a dummy. instead, i am alternately watching M*A*S*H, staring blankly at my study guide and notes, talking to my friend timmy jimmy harbaugh, and blogging. i don't know what it is about studying that makes me want to punch myself in the face. i mean it's not like it's hard. my notes are right there. i took some pretty good ones. i get it, you know? i guess i just don't care that much that Jack Hayford argued that spiritual baptism gives you the capability to speak in tongues but it's not law, and whether or not you speak in tongues is up to you. i guess that's what i get for going to an assemblies of God school...whatever that means. haha. stupid condom school. i want to punch it in the face. oh great. before, i was only indifferent to studying. now i'm just plain mad about having to take this stupid test. i'm just saying.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Team Doober of the Year should have been Raul or Felipe, apparently

well, it's just after midnight, and i really should be studying for my science final tomorrow. but i am not. like a dummy. in other news, i went to the Ruby's Diner Christmas party tonight at Cafe Tu Tu Tango in the Block at Orange. A funny thing happened after everybody got drunk. Megan Taylor got awarded team member of the year, and my good friend, Francisco (and when I say "my good friend," i mean "sexual harrassment in human form") started yelling about how it was unfair that Raul or Felipe didn't get team member of the year this year. He took the certificate they had given to Megan and ripped it up. Then he got up and left, yelling about how it's not right. He never ceases to amaze me.